Project Plan Enhancements

What enhancements would you make to the outline we're using for the project plan in this class? What would you recommend? Justify your additions.

Project plan is a standard official document that is utilized to direct both project implementation as well as project control. The chief uses of the project plan are to document planning suppositions and decisions, smooth the progress of communication between stakeholders, and document agreed scope, cost, and calendar baselines. In addition to this, a project plan might be abridged or comprehensive.

To keep the plan up to date is an imperative job of the project manager (Lewis, 2000). Project updates concentrate on the following three constrictions of project management:
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Scope
An efficient project manager fully understands that an amendment in one of the above domains consequences in changes in the rest two. An up to date project plan will exhibit the upshot of these changes on the entire project (Lewis, 2000).


Particularly in projects having long duration, costs can ebb and flow. Costs of material can alter, internal employees can be fostered with a subsequent enhancement in their hourly rate, and modifications in external outworkers can consequence in elevated agreement rates. These cost changes should be included on the project plan once they are identified and considerable variances communicated to the decision-making team and/or backers (Wysocki, 2006).


As soon as a project plan is approved, a baseline is set up and the project has momentum, the project manager will trace time worked on a daily basis. How frequently this comes about relies on how recent the team requires the plan to be. Updates of weekly basis are nothing out of the ordinary, however, daily might be preferred for projects which are extremely time-sensitive.

It may be a bit hard to remind the team to record their time worked and on what. At times, a project manager is employed to hunt down time and/or jog the memory of team members to report or record their time. Besides, this is a fine time for the project manager to bring the resources part of the project schedule up to date. Vacations as well as team accessibility should be evaluated and reorganized as required.
In addition to this, anticipated arrival of supplies and accessibility of outside resources have an effect on the project (Wysocki, 2006).


Undoubtedly, any amendment in the project’s scope should be made in the plan when identified and as soon as probable. A number of what-if circumstances are expected to be done before the approval of any scope changes; it relies on the tools employed via the project manager in order to keep up the plan. It is the finest approach to find out the influence of scope changes on the project calendar as well as costs prior to actually allowing the changes (Wysocki, 2006).

It is beneficial to make a set-point in the project plan. At the outset, keep posted the time worked and any recent cost amendments in the plan. Keep this plan as the up to date set point. Afterward, include the scope changes and alter any other factors involved and put aside this as a latest project plan with the exact amendment date.

Lewis, J. P. (2000) Project Planning, Scheduling & Control. 3rd edn. McGraw-Hill.
Wysocki, R. K. (2006) Effective Project Management: Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme. 4th edn. Wiley.

Elad Shalom,
CTO at


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