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Date Validation in JavaScript

Date Validation in JavaScript. Date Time Validation in JavaScript. Couple of days ago I had the need to validate an input as a Date in JavaScript.  I though for some time on the best way to do it so it would be as generic and stable as possible. After finalizing my method, I decided to add it to our jsValidation.js file as well as uploading the method to my post to help others in need... The method returns true if the date is a valid date and false if it's not. function isValidDate(d) {         if ( !== "[object Date]")             return false;         return !isNaN(d.getTime());     } The way to use this method will be: function Demo() {         var d1 = new Date("invalid");         var d2 = new Date("1985");         var result_false = isValidDate(d1);         var result_true = isValidDate(d2);     } Have fun with it, Elad Shalom, CTO at