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BDD, TDD, and Everything Between

Behavior Driven Development, Test Driven Development, and Everything Between What is TDD (Test Driven Development) Test Driven Development was introduced by Kent Beck, in 2003.  This followed the concepts of Extreme Programming, introduced in 1999 with a development experiment done by both IBM and Microsoft. The purpose of the Test Driven Development is to make sure code is clear, tested, and as redundant as possible, by making sure the tests are written first, and code is being added to "fill the blanks".  Every code iteration needs to pass all tests (may those be unit tests, integration tests, data integrity tests, or UI tests). Writing the tests first allow us to see what fails, how, and allow us to visualize the structure of our code, by making sure each test is performed to test a specific, extremely defined sub-section of a feature. Let's assume a "BasicMaths" class, to perform simple mathematics operations. [TestClass]   public   class  Uni