Perception of Project Management

Consider how your perception of project management has changed during these past eight weeks

Mind, thoughts as well as perception usually changes with the passage of time and the level of knowledge. Everyone possesses a diverse notion about what project management stands for. For some individuals, it is considered on the top of a plain mutual to-do list.
While other considering it as arranging a huge set of resources to generate an extensive deliverable. During the past 8 weeks, my perception about project management has changed and I have come to know that project management is the approach by which business goals are attained. It is regarding being structured from the start of the job to the closing stages.  It is about having an efficient and well-organized team with a leader that can promote collaboration and stimulate to obtain domino effect. 

At present, project managers around the world synchronize the hard work of individual resources to fulfill tasks along with deliverables as constituent of project plans. In olden times, the tools accessible to project managers have been more analogous than dissimilar.

Project management is not simply for project managers any longer. For a lengthy period, project manager was a function, not a designation. Individuals stated that they have come to the site by mishap. In the past few years, this all has been modified. Project manager profession routes have been developed by the organizations. Now, business divisions, for instance, human resources, sales and marketing, and other departments require their staff qualified in project management too (Mooz, Forsberg & Cotterman, 2003).

In our day, a number of diverse techniques are utilized to initialize project management. The team’s manager will put the appropriate individuals in place. Each of them will look after his or her section of the project. If every person performs their job, they will get victory in a quick manner. The manager of the project will want to watch over on how things are proceeding to make certain there are no unexpected concerns that could turn out the project unsuccessful.

The function of project manager is one which permits them to seek some of the finest contemporary tools, programs and modes of working day after day. There are particular levels that every business manager should be familiar with. The foremost one is to concentrate on the organization. It is very important that the team’s leader is competent to systematize properly, giving the appropriate people the appropriate jobs. They will comprehend whose abilities will go with what assignment and that is how they will find out who performs what. They should initially, as a team, scrutinize the problem and make a decision exactly what it requires. They should determine goal and the finest technique to attain it (Wysocki, 2006).

To attain an objective in an effectual manner, the members of the team should add the whole lot they can. They should present esteem to the other team members and collaborate fully (Wysocki, 2006). When an issue or a hindrance comes about that might delay the development of the plan, it should be informed to the entire team member and a verdict should be made to avert further destruction. Via obtaining input from everyone participated, an elucidation can generally be determined that will let the original objective to be fulfilled with a small number of changes or amendments.
Moreover, a first-rate team will come across that their domino effects are precise as well as constructive.
Any amendments to make the data comprehensible should be done along the fashion, however, if there is time to re-evaluate and ascertain, this is always a fine perception.  

Mooz, H. Forsberg, K. & Cotterman, H. (2003) Communicating Project Management: The Integrated Vocabulary of Project Management and Systems Engineering. John Wiley and Sons.
Wysocki, R. K. (2006) Effective Project Management: Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme. 4th edn. Wiley.

Elad Shalom,
CTO at


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