Text Lines Should Not Be Null Schema Compare

Text Lines Should Not Be Null
Schema Compare Error in Visual Studio

For the last 30 minutes I'm getting crazy trying to understand  what the error "text lines should not be null" means, and why it happens every time I try to compare databases schema in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.

It appears like my installation of the VS 2010 didn't execute correctly, so I have several packages missing.

A small package called "DACProjectSystemSetup_enu.msi" was probably missing.

After installing it, I can compare data and data schema easily :)

The Package is available here.

Hope it helped,
Elad Shalom,
CTO at ITweetLive.com


  1. It’s good that Null Schema is resolving the issue of Text line.

  2. You are saying true about this error text lines should not be null in VS2010. I also faced this error but still couldn’t able to find results.



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