Looping through Object's properties in C Sharp

Loop to Find All Properties Info of an Object In C Sharp..
Loop to Find All Properties Info of an Object In C#.

    Have you ever tried to make a dynamic test page? To build and HTML element contains all the properties of a specific .Net object?

    Well, I encountered this problem couple of days ago and while searching Google I barely found good matches.  So I decided that for my sake, and yours, I will simply post a short explanation about how to do it, followed by a quick and simple example of how to loop though object properties in C#.

    First I'll provide a short explanation about Reflection:
    Reflection enables you to discover an object's properties, methods, events and properties values at run-time.  Reflection can give you a full mapping of an object (well, it's public data).

    In order to use reflection, and to loop through the object's properties, we'll first have to import the namespace:
    using System.Reflection;

    Now, lets say I have an object called User and this object has 2 public properties:
    1. UserID.
    2. Name.
    My code will look something like this:

    int testID = 123456;
    User usr = new User(testID); // this is constructor to get user by ID
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

    PropertyInfo[] properties = user.GetType().GetProperties();
    foreach (PropertyInfo pi in properties)
            string.Format("Name: {0} | Value: {1}", 
                    pi.GetValue(user, null)
    divResults.InnerText = sb.ToString();

    This little piece of code will fill your HTML element with the properties names and values.

    Have Fun,
    Elad Shalom,
    CTO at ITweetLive.com


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