IronRuby and Visual Studio 2010 - Integration

IronRuby and Visual Studio 2010.

The IronRuby represents another one of Microsoft's attempts to have it all under one development environment.
  • C / C++
  • VB.Net / C# / F#
  • J#
  • Their latest integration with jQuery
  • IronPhyton
And now - IronRuby.

This addition is brand new and a very cool one.  The add-on for Visual Studio 2010 is exactly for those who like Ruby and wish it to be implemented in their .Net environment when needed.

This IronRuby release (1.1.1) with Visual Studio 2010 integration includes:

  1. Ruby colorized and syntax checker.
  2. Interactive loop window.
  3. Directory based projects.
  4. Templates for common Ruby applications (including Ruby on Rails 3, Sinatra, Gems and Silverlight based browser scripting app) 

 Source by Christopher Bennage.

Elad Shalom,
CTO at


  1. Plz give me some examples on Ruby on rails using vs2010,
    I am New this one,
    Can you tell me some sourcess to learn ruby on rails plz help me

    1. The best place to learn RoR is Rails for Zombies.
      Has nothing to do with VS or the .Net Eco-system, but it is a great and FUN place to learn...

      Tell me if you found it useful.
      for urgent messages - you can always use the Contact Me form.


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