String Manipulation - IsNullOrEmpty Method

I guess we all need to check strings all around the code. And for that, we have about gazillion ways, and here are some -BAD- examples:
  1. if (ourString == null)
  2. if (ourString == "")
  3. if (ourString.trim() == "")
  4. if (ourString == string.empty)

Luckily, Microsoft have came up with this great method "IsNullOrEmpty" which has something like this:

return val == null || val == String.Empty;

This is a great function thought it doesn't cover 100% of the cases.  Lets say, for example, that I have this string: "    ".

Now, according to Microsoft the IsNullOrEmpty method will return false.
Unfortunately, this is not a good result for us.

In order to fix this in our projects, we added this small method:
public static bool IsNullOrEmpty(this String val)
    return val == null || val.trim() == String.Empty;

This will resolve our problem.
So now we can use:
bool b = String.IsNullOrEmpty("  ");
And we will get true.

.Net 4 Users:
For you guys Microsoft fixed that thing in the form of
bool b = string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace("   ");
Which will return true.

Good luck
Elad Shalom,
CTO at


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