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Failed to Execute Url

Failed to Execute URL Exception. Isapi Rewrite and Asp.Net 4 on IIS6. Failed to Execute URL 4 IIS 6 Windows Server 2003. Currently working in ITweetLive, I encountered what seemed to be a massive problem while trying to upgrade my website from .Net 3.5 to .Net 4. First thing first. Our website was compiled with .Net 3.5 up until couple of days ago when I wanted to start working with .Net 4.  A short conversion made by Visual Studio 2010 and then recompile.  The localhost works like a charm. Next step was to create a different application pool in IIS6 (I named it ".Net4") which will be only for the websites who have been converted to .Net 4 framework. After that it was simply assign the new application pool to the website and change its version to .Net 4, as simple as it sounds. But, and here came the real problem, when trying to reach the website's root without the "default.aspx" I encountered a "Failed to Execute URL" exception.