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Estimated Execution Plan Temp Table

Estimated Execution Plan on Temp Table
Estimated Execution Plan with #TempTable
Estimated Execution Plan MS SQL Server

Recently I encountered a problem while trying to understand the performance issues with one of my stored procedures in SQL Server 2008.

This specific stored procedure uses a #tempTable to store some data. It looks like this:
Obviously I encountered "Invalid object name '#TempTable'."
I saw some places online which suggested several things, but the best solution for this was the simplest.

1. Simply comment the "drop table #tempTable" you do at the end of the stored procedure.
2. Run the query (which will save the #tempTable).
3. Click on the Estimated Execution Plan button.

Since you have data in your #tempTable, you can run it freely.

Don't forget to drop this table when you're done.

Hope it helped,
Elad Shalom,
CTO at