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Looping through Object's properties in C Sharp

Loop to Find All Properties Info of an Object In C Sharp..
Loop to Find All Properties Info of an Object In C#.

Have you ever tried to make a dynamic test page? To build and HTML element contains all the properties of a specific .Net object?

Well, I encountered this problem couple of days ago and while searching Google I barely found good matches.  So I decided that for my sake, and yours, I will simply post a short explanation about how to do it, followed by a quick and simple example of how to loop though object properties in C#.

First I'll provide a short explanation about Reflection:
Reflection enables you to discover an object's properties, methods, events and properties values at run-time.  Reflection can give you a full mapping of an object (well, it's public data).

In order to use reflection, and to loop through the object's properties, we'll first have to import the namespace:
using System.Reflection;

Now, lets say I have an object called User and this object…

JavaScript Looping Through Object Properties

Looping Through JSON Object Properties in JavaScript.

My previous post contained a small piece of code explaining how to loop through object properties with the Reflection namespace in C#.

In this post I'd like to explain how do loop through JavaScript object.

Let's create an object in JavaScript:

var myObject = {     Name: "Elad",     LastName: "Shalom",     Age: 26,     Kids: ["Daniel"] };

This object contains 4 properties:
Name (string)LastName (string)Age (int)Kids (array) Now  for the loop part:

function LoopThroughProperties(obj) {     for (var propName in obj)     {         alert(propName + ": " + obj[propName]);     } }

The function will receive an object and loop through all of it's properties.

I'd like to take 2-4 more lines to explain a bit about the for syntax I used.
Those of you who write in C# / VB / Java will find it very similar to foreachloopin JavaScript.

Since an object in JavaScript is a form of array, I can easily call …