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In my first 2-3 year as developer I defined myself as a "Control Developer". The definition for Control Developer is a very simple one. 
A developer who believes that anything and everything can be created using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + v (meaning copy and paste).

This approach was working great as long as I didn't need to create brand new solutions for brand new features with brand new problems.

As I was saying,
About 15 months ago when I was working in my old company (FixYa) I was asked by my team leader to pass a JSON object to the server and to expect to get a different JSON object back.

As a young proud developer the first thing I said was - “sure.  No problem".  And then the problem started.
I couldn't find any good quick tutorial for JSON. What I needed was how to write a JSON object easily, not a full explanation of the JSON parser.

Now, 15 months later I'm proud to present what I was looking for then - a very quick and usable tutorial for JSON:

JSON - JavaScript Object Notation.

The data types a JSON object can contain are:
* Number.
* String.
* Boolean.
* Array.
* Another JSON Object.
* Functions.
* Null.

Here I'm about to slowly fill a JSON object called: User.

var User = {};

This is the definition of User object.
I can write also this:

User.Age = 15;
User.Name = "Igor";
User.IsUnderAge = true;

of course, a better way would be:
var User = {
                Age: 15,
                Name: "Igor",
                IsUnderAge: true

As I mentioned earlier, you can also insert arrays inside the JSON object:

var User = {
                Friends: [

If you wanted to make things more complicated you would make each friend as a User object:

var User = {
                Name: "Igor",
                Age: 15,
                Friends: [
                                {Name: "Sergey", Age: 15},
                                {Name: "Uri", Age: 15},
                                {Name: "Noam", Age: 15}
                IsUnderAge: function() {
                                return this.Age > 21 ? true : false;

Now you have Igor as a very detailed and easy to read user object.

In order to understand how to make "User" a generic system object, read "JSON Midsection".
You  can also view my post called "JSON Object Code Example" for a clean code example.

Good luck,
Lead Developer at Sports Betting Tech.


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