The Chaos Report

The Chaos report lists a variety of success factors that affect project management. This includes user involvement, executive management support, proper planning, clear statement of requirements, realistic expectations, ownership, hard-working and focused staff. Pick one of these, or research an alternative, and assess how this success factor would impact your particular project.

The project managers always search for clandestine formula which will make the projects booming. There are some vital items that need to be considered and ensured in a proactive manner. One searches for those intangible significant success factors that can be handled to make an atmosphere favorable for the accomplishment of the project. According to the Chaos report (2009) the success factors involve User Involvement, Executive Support, Clear Business Objectives, Emotional Maturity, Optimization, Agile Process, Project Management Expertise, Skilled Resources, Execution, Tools and Infrastructure.

User Involvement

User involvement is an important notion in the development of constructive and functional systems and has clear-cut consequences on system success and user contentment. These days, user involvement in design procedures is often missing because of the increasing number of parties and experts that take part and also due to the restricted time to hand over the design. If user involvement lacks then it will easily bring about function and performance issues.

User involvement is an extensive and imperative aspect for planners and architectural model to develop an appropriate product that will work for the users. However, the practice illustrates that users are generally consulted comprehensively at the beginning and occasionally during the entire project. Firm procedures give the tuning of design and implementation procedure required for the adjustment.

According to Barki & Hartwick (1994), user involvement is expressed as a particular psychosomatic status of the user. It signifies the degree to which a user sees IT in terms of its importance as well as personal significance.
User participation is anticipated to be a predecessor to user involvement, for the reason that active participants in IT development have a tendency to develop view that IT is both imperative and pertinent (Barki & Hartwick, 1994).
The more users get involved, the more they will be receptive to a new system although there might be dependent factors hindering the association. Besides, chief management’s leadership may be completely linked with user involvement in the systems development via giving accurate and rational information to users (Barki & Hartwick, 1994).

According to Yoon et al. (1995), user contentment is assumed to be definitely associated with user involvement. Also, systems utilization is anticipated to be absolutely linked with user involvement. Quality of the systems is expected to be improved when more users are involved in the systems development (Barki & Hartwick, 1989).
In addition, users are more expected to come to take hold of an enhanced sense of the systems. This possibly will facilitate users reducing their anxiety, uncertainty, unwillingness to the systems which causes users more accessible to the systems. This encourages a constructive illustration of the systems, which promote users to take on the systems (Leonard-Barton & Sinha, 1993).

Barki, H., & Hartwick, J 1994. ‘Measuring user participation, user involvement, and user attitude’, MIS Quarterly, vol. 18, pp. 59-82.
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