New Capabilities of Computing Technology

The creation and use of computing technology enables new capabilities.
For example, information and decision rules can be captured and copied more easily; individuals can be monitored, tracked, and evaluated at increasingly short intervals and at finer levels of detail. Thus, new computing capabilities strain our current norms, rules and laws. This problem will only worsen as technology becomes even more capable.
Because computing involves a relatively new and continually changing set of technology capabilities, professionals face some additional complexities beyond the typical questions of rights and fairness (to employees, stockholders, consumers, vendors, community); honesty; responsibility to do no harm; and so forth. 

For this assignment:

1. Identify and describe 5 specific capabilities of computing (e.g., speed, permanence/storage) made possible or enhanced by computing technology.

2. Select one of the capabilities you identified and discuss its relationship to the following issues raised by the application of the technology:

  • Privacy
  • Ownership
  • Control
  • Accuracy
  • Security

3. Describe the areas of potential IT policy decisions that may be triggered by your selected capability.

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